Question of the Day: What’s on Your Head?

Now that we’re well into the brightest, sunniest days of summer, let’s talk about your favorite ways to keep the sun out of your eyes. I have friends who are all about hats (often because they wear prescription glasses) and friends who are all about the sunnies (and you already know about my goodr obsession). So let’s hear your take! Are you all about the sunnies, or do you have a collection of cute hats for shading your eyes?

And while we’re at it, tell us about your favorite hat/sunnies/brand!


Kristin has been hitting the trail (or the treadmill) for a walk almost every day for the past several years, and she recently completed her first half marathon. She loves sunny fall days, cushy walking shoes, and coconut caramel iced coffee from Dunkin.

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