20 Temu Products to Stock Your Walking Gear Bag for Less

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Guys…Temu. Whether you’re scrolling through Facebook or watching the Big Game, you can’t avoid the ads. But have you checked it out? I’ll admit that I was pretty skeptical at first. I’ve ordered from similar sites before—the ones where you get products of questionable quality shipped to your door in two months or so. But my curiosity got the best of me, and I’ve never turned back.

There really is something for everyone on Temu—and it’s so easy to go down the rabbit hole of shopping on this app. I’ve gotten some of the most random things on Temu. And obviously I’ve taken advantage of the chance to pick up some walking gear for cheap. Because I’m a sucker for cheap gear.  After ordering, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the quality was usually better than expected—and orders usually showed up in less than two weeks.

If you haven’t checked out this app before, but you’re interested in taking a look, you can use this link to get you some great deals for signing up! 

While you’re taking a look around, here are 20 of the best things for walkers to pick up on Temu.


1: Socks
I’ve gotten compression socks and breathable summer socks for a couple of bucks each. They’re not my favorite cushy race-day Balegas, but they’re pretty great for everyday walks.

2: Hats
When I noticed that my folically-challenged dad was getting a little too much sun on his bare head, I picked up a nice, breathable hat to keep his head protected on hot summer days without making him overheat.  I liked it so much that I picked one up for myself, too.

3: Headbands
Whether you prefer the thin, velvety-backed headbands or the wider headbands that cover more of your head, you’ll find them for a great price on Temu. 

4: Athletic Wear
Buying clothing online can always be hit-or-miss. But with prices this cheap, it can be worth trying.  I’ve picked up a couple of sports bras from Temu that are in my backup collection.  I also tried one pair of mesh-trimmed leggings that I passed on to a friend because they didn’t fit—but they were really cute for $5. I have another friend who swears by their tanks.

5: Waist Packs
I love the colorful packs that hold a water bottle, keys, and more. I definitely have better, more high-end packs (and you can find some of those on Temu, too), but there are some for as little as $2 (or less)—and they make great spares. I got one for my daughter, so she can carry her own water and other goodies when we walk together, and she loves it. 

6: Hydration Vests
Hydration vests are not cheap.  Unless you happen to stumble over an unexpectedly great deal on Amazon, you’ll probably pay $40 for the cheapest ones.  On Temu, you can find the same brands for half that—complete with all of the bladders and water bottles.

7: Water Bottles
Speaking of which…it’s easy to misplace those little water bottles that come with your favorite hydration pack—so it’s good to pick up extras, just in case. Whether you prefer the small sports bottle style, the larger soft-sided style, or the huge hydration pack reservoir, you can find them on Temu.

8: Running Lights
If you’re out at night (or early in the morning), some kind of light is a must to help you stay visible. I have both a vest-type option, with a light that clips in the middle, and a simple clip-on light that keep me seeing (and seen) on evening walks.

9: Cold Weather Accessories
For some reason, winter accessories have a tendency to…walk away.  That’s why I like to have spares of things like gaiters and ear warmers (even cheap hats and gloves) in my winter gear bag—and at prices like these, you won’t get upset about losing them.

10: Other Fitness Equipment
I’ve picked up all kinds of things for cross-training days—from twist boards to weighted hula hoops to resistance bands.  If you’re not sure what’s going to work for you, Temu is a great place to start—because you can pick up plenty of options for a good price and try them all out.


11: Ankle Braces
After I just couldn’t seem to get over a twisted ankle, I picked up a brace on Temu. It took a while to get used to putting it on, but it was great support for the price.

12: Foot Massage Balls
These things are amazing. Buy one, and you’ll soon find yourself buying more—and leaving them all over the house. And why not? They’re a buck each!

13: Recovery Sandals
You can great knockoffs of just about everything here.  You can find comfy cloud sandals, which make you feel like you’re walking on happy marshmallows.  I’ve also gotten some massage flip-flops.  They have great arch support, and the entire footbed is covered in the same kind of texture as my massage balls.  Just to warn you, though: these things take some getting used to.  At first, they just feel like you’re walking around on your kid’s spilled Legos.  But if you give it some time, you’ll find that they’re actually pretty amazing. 

14: Massage Guns
During a race expo last year, I was pulled into a booth by a woman who was selling those fancy high-end massage guns.  Hers was great—and I appreciated the free massage.  But I didn’t want to tell her that I already had one—and I’d gotten it for a very small fraction of the price on Temu.  It may not last as long as her $300 one, but it definitely does the trick!


15: Duffle Bags
I picked up a bag for $2 for storing my off-season walking clothes. Again, not the most heavy-duty, but it does the job. I’ve also seen my favorite race day duffle for half of the already-cheap $20 that I paid on Amazon before discovering Temu.

16: Cooling Towels
I haven’t ordered the Temu ones, but they seem similar to the ones that I’ve gotten from Amazon.  And for around $1 each, they’re worth stocking up and keeping in your bag for use on those sweltering summer days.

17: Sunglasses Storage
Okay…not specifically walking gear, but if you have a goodr problem like I do, you’ll want to pick up one of their sunglasses storage cases. Now I never have to leave home without 4 of my favorite pairs.

18: Portable Air Conditioner
This one is on my wish list. I would love to have a little extra breeze around my neck on hot days. I’d just have to figure out how to keep it in place when I pick up the pace.

19: Emergency Whistle
I carry a personal alarm whenever I’m walking solo, but Temu has some great little whistles that easily clip onto your hydration pack. I picked one up for my daughter’s backpack, too, for a little extra safety precaution.  At this price, you can get one for all of the women in your life.

20: Storage Solutions
While also not specifically walking gear, I do have an underbed storage solution for some of my gear. And I love the little divided drawer organizers for my socks.

As my friend’s sister once said, Temu is the place to find everything you didn’t know you needed.  That’s definitely the case—and I have a whole lot of random but totally useful things in my gear bag to prove it.  I’m definitely a well-stocked walker—but I’ve been able to do it at a fraction of the regular price.

Have you gotten any favorite walking gear on Temu?  Share your treasures with us!


Kristin has been hitting the trail (or the treadmill) for a walk almost every day for the past several years, and she recently completed her first half marathon. She loves sunny fall days, cushy walking shoes, and coconut caramel iced coffee from Dunkin.

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