Audiobook Review: How to Walk Yourself Healthy and Happy by Russ Williams

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Unabridged Digital Audiobook
Runtime: 2 hours, 31 minutes
Read by the author

While I’m out on my daily walk, I tend to listen to audiobooks for a little extra entertainment. Usually, I go with something light: maybe some chick lit or a cozy mystery. Recently, though, I decided to go with something more fitting: How to Walk Yourself Healthy and Happy by author, broadcaster, and daily walker Russ Williams.

This short audiobook discusses the various benefits of daily walking—whether you’re walking the dog or pushing your pace for a brisk walk through your favorite park. For beginners—or those considering getting started—it provides information about the physical and mental improvements that walkers can make just by going out and exploring the neighborhood. And for those who are ready to give walking a try, the author spends the second half of the book discussing the various forms of walking—along with some of the gear and apps that he’s found useful.

For those who are already well into their walking journey, the first part of the book may seem somewhat unnecessary.  After all, the author goes into quite a bit of detail about various conditions and how walking can help. And, admittedly, you can probably find similar information with a quick Google search. However, it’s still insightful and eye-opening, exploring some of the benefits that you may not have considered before. And it provides a wealth of information for those who are just getting started—or who are considering walking as a form of exercise. And after listening, you’re sure to be sold on the idea.

For more experienced walkers, meanwhile, the later parts of the book may be more interesting. My favorite part was the author’s suggestions for walking gear and apps. Though I was already aware of some of the apps (and my MapMyWalk app was running while I listened), I also found myself pulling out my phone from time to time and making notes of apps and gear to research later.

All of the information here is thoroughly researched and well organized—and the author presents it all in a way that’s entirely engaging. And even if the author is discussing things that don’t concern you, his Michael Caine-like narration makes for an enjoyable (and perhaps even soothing) listen.

If you’re considering walking for your health, How to Walk Yourself Healthy and Happy is an informative audiobook—one that will definitely make you feel good about your choice to take up walking. If you’re already a walker, it may not be quite as useful, but all of the detailed information will remind you why you’re proud to be a walker. 

– Great for anyone who’s considering starting a walking routine
– Offers suggestions for everything from gear to apps
– Author’s narration makes it engaging and enjoyable

– Spends a lot of time discussing benefits and specific conditions
– People who are already regular walkers may find the beginning of the book somewhat unnecessary

You can pick up your own copy of How to Walk Yourself Healthy and Happy by Russ Williams on Amazon.


Kristin has been hitting the trail (or the treadmill) for a walk almost every day for the past several years, and she recently completed her first half marathon. She loves sunny fall days, cushy walking shoes, and coconut caramel iced coffee from Dunkin.

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