Question of the Day: Do You Track Your Miles?

I think I’ve mentioned before that I tend to be a little…obsessive about tracking my walking activities. Through the years, I’ve tried a number of different methods for tracking. I’ve tried tracking them online, but I haven’t found an app that’s reliable enough (or that has the features I like). I’ve tried tracking my monthly mileage on a single-page printout, but that just didn’t give me enough space to track everything. I’ve even tried tracking my mileage in a spiral-bound running journal, which was close but still not good enough.

I spent the last few months figuring out what my ideal walking planner would include – and I created it myself! If you want to join in my walk-tracking obsession, you can find it in my Etsy shop.

Do you track your miles? Have you found a great way that works for you? Let’s hear it!


Kristin has been hitting the trail (or the treadmill) for a walk almost every day for the past several years, and she recently completed her first half marathon. She loves sunny fall days, cushy walking shoes, and coconut caramel iced coffee from Dunkin.

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