Question of the Day: Where Do You Love to Walk?

When I started walking, I walked one place: on the treadmill in my basement. Then I discovered an awesome trail not far from my house. Then I ventured out into other parks. And over the summer, I gave my daughter a challenge to visit as many of our local parks as possible (because I wanted to check out all of the best walking trails, of course).

Finding different walking paths keeps me from getting bored with the same old scenery – no matter how beautiful that scenery may be. It helps if I can change it up sometimes – though the original trail is still my favorite.

What about you? Where is your favorite place to walk? Let’s hear it!


Kristin has been hitting the trail (or the treadmill) for a walk almost every day for the past several years, and she recently completed her first half marathon. She loves sunny fall days, cushy walking shoes, and coconut caramel iced coffee from Dunkin.

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